jp-aboutBy day I am a ux designer and researcher, but in life I am all things love, wellness, blackness, Hip-Hop and art. is a little space on the interwebs I’ve created to post musings and other findings regarding the culture from my own perspective, shedding light on music (not solely Hip-Hop) and artists who I think are worth being esteemed, as well as facilitating and maintaining genuine connections within the Hip-Hop community. I often feel like there is little focus on the positivity within our culture, as well as little regard to artists who sacrifice a certain level of notoriety, for not fitting a mainstream mold. This space is my personal response to what I think is most important in Hip-Hop; love, mental health, genuine expression, education, and evolution.

Below, I have outlined the different categories on the site if you are interested. If not thank you so much for even reading this far and please feel free to drop me a line if you feel so led.

– Jordan

#LMPYO: This is a hashtag I created that derives from the saying Let Me Put You On. I say this entirely too much when sending music to friends, so I figured ahhh what the hell….seemed like a cool title. I’m not sure why, but I have a huge affinity for sharing music that moves me, so this section is dedicated to highlighting the artists and projects that I wish more people knew about.

CRATES: As I have stated previously, I am a vinyl aficionado. This is the digital age, but I for one still love the full experience of music; actually going to the store on the release date, liner notes, album art, finding the hidden gem you’ve been diggin for, as well as just spending an evening a home nerding out making sure every joint is in alphabetical order. This section is a place I will update periodically with new and old vinyl I’ve acquired with the goal of developing a full archive of my collection (that’s gonna take FOR-EVER yo).

MUSINGS: I often come across weird interesting things that I like to share. Other times, I just need to clear my mind. Either way this section will contain my thoughts on a plethora of things, and I more than welcome any positive dialogue you have to offer up as well.

VIDEOS: Pretty self-explanatory, eh?.

I GAVE YOU POWER: Is a section dedicated to the thesis I wrote in graduate school that credits Hip-Hop’s longevity to it’s visual language and storytelling ability. My hope is to engage in any conversations that can expand my thinking as I move this project from infancy to something larger.

5 thoughts on “Who is souljor?

  1. Good Day my Sistah…I’m really Diggin’ the site…and I think you are a Beautiful Woman inside and out…continue to inspire the world. One Love, God Bless you and yours…

  2. Jordan Powell is one of my favorite people in this earth! She is smart, talented, witty, beautiful and empathetic. Love you JorPow!

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