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I haven’t slept well since finding out our brother Nip has passed. A King. It’s so much bigger than hip-hop. Nip represented Black excellence, community, and integrity on a level beyond the limitations of just being a hip-hop artist. This feels like I lost a brother, and I hate that I’m sitting here writing this. It pains me the way our brother was taken from us. It pains me that our sister Lauren and their children have lost their King so violently, and unncessarily. It hurts on so many levels because Nipsey was really for us. I love that brother, man. I’m so sorry to everyone out there grieving. I didn’t expect any of this, and it all seems so surreal. Nip would’ve wanted us to all live out our purpose while we are here, and knowing that provides the inspiration and motivation that he is known for.

We love you so much Nip. The Marathon Continues, brother.

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