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house of mimi the gold standard

House Of Mimi


It is with great pleasure that I bring to you House Of Mimi’s: The Gold Standard. If you are into authentic pieces of jewelry inspired by high fashion and the African diaspora, please support my sister.

The House of Mimi line is one of a unique class of adornments. From handmade pieces to unique vintage & fashionably limited finds, House of Mimi articulates the essence of what fashion is; an eclectic combination of things tried before and things brand spanking new.

The products featured are new, hip, funky, edgy, modern, relevant and most of all an extension of YOU and what you want people to know about you before you even utter a word. No one goes shopping with the intentions of looking like everyone one else & when you take the time to shop, you’d like to purchase something that speaks to you. At House of Mimi, you’re not only invited for dialog but to be known and recognized, so when you return there is something new and exciting greeting you at the front door.
instagram: @houseofmimi

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