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Today I received a package from a friend, and I was blown away by the contents. When I ordered Days After Your Departure I only vaguely knew what to expect. I knew what to expect as far as talent, and the ability to put together something beautiful and whole, but what Joekenneth was able to create with this piece is something one only accomplishes when they relinquish themselves to expression. This book is a very honest look and invitation into the journey of someone fighting everyday not to give into their own personal demons. When you experience loss, the road to recovery, and search for any semblance of “normal” can be very desperate, scary, confusing, selfish, and often times hopeless? But when you do decide to push through the darker moments, you are met with maturation, a keener sense of compassion, love, joy, and you’re forced to deal with your own reflection. This book…my God, this book. I read this in one sitting, and cried, and smiled the whole time.

Black people. I love us. And I love when we explore positive ways to improve our mental health and emotional wellness, even more. There is no shame in vulnerability and I implore you all to search your heart for ways you can be kinder to yourself and others as you embark on your own journey of healing.

I am so, so very proud of you family. Your, mother would be so, so proud of you as well. Overstand me here. This here took so much courage, and introspection, and I truly thank you for giving a glimpse into such life-changing moments and thoughts. You have such a beautiful family, and I pray all of you continue to heal. From what you write about your wife, I know her heart is made of gold and a sincere love for you. What a blessing to have someone so pure, selfless, and understanding to accompany you in this journey. Please continue to cherish each other; you’re both beautiful. Peace to you again family, so happy and proud of you!


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